be ready to experience the convenience of cashless payments

How dotHPay works?

We realize the hassle of current cashless payment mechanisms in Indonesia therefore we are trying to simplify it by connecting You to Your Bank account.

Connect your account

No need to create another account, it is your bank account!

Login using a secure PIN

Because your security is our priority.

Enter the payment amount

Enter the payment amount of your transaction.

Payment is done in instant

Get the receipt of your payment and let us notify the receiver.

Why use dotHPay ?

Either you are new to cashless payments or have been using it for ages, we are promising you a simple yet efficient way to redefine your cashless payment experience.

  • Simple

    Complete payment in just 2 steps and a simple swipe.

  • Instant transaction

    Your payment will be instantly done within few minutes.

  • One app for every payment

    Simply pay anything within one app.

  • secured

    Your transactions are safe with our secured system.

  • instant transaction

    just see and feel it.

  • go cashless!

    experience the simplicity of cashless payment.

Try the simplicity of using dotHPay

Try our dotHPay demo. No real account will be used! No real money will be spent!

be Informed

Be an early adopter of dotHPay by dropping your contact and get noticed of our updates.